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A “Certified Coach” is a professional Coach who has received specific education, training and certification in coaching people in the area of health and wellness. A Certified Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates their clients and helps their clients feel their best through positive food and lifestyle choices by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ unique needs. Certified Health Coaches actively educate, support and empower their clients to achieve their health and wellness goals and live healthier lives through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. As a Certified Health Coach, I understand how to work with diverse groups of people and how to mentor and motivate individuals to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes that better their quality of life.Working with a Certified Health Coach is advisable and prudent because certification means that the Coach you’ve chosen to work with has met the minimum educational and experiential requirements of their certifying board to become certified in health and wellness-related coaching, a very specific type of coaching unlike other types of coaching, they have demonstrated competence and expertise in health and wellness coaching and life-style related matters and they have demonstrated commitment to the specialty of health and wellness coaching through the time, money and resources they’ve invested in furthering their health and wellness education and qualifications to provide their clients with the utmost in professional health and wellness coaching services.

Clients who work with a Certified Health Coach benefit greatly from having someone with the knowledge and expertise to help them through all aspects of their health and wellness journey. A Health Coach is someone that bridges the gap between their emotional needs and their health needs. It is someone that understands and can help their client’s move through and beyond their difficult present health issues with a focus on the future health they want for themselves. A Health Coach is someone who believes in their client and helps them believe in themselves. The journey to health can be confusing, challenging, overwhelming and scary when traveled alone. Working with a Health Coach ensures that you always have a non-judgmental person to turn to. Working with a Health Coach means that you are never alone in your health journey.

As a Certified Health Coach, I work one-on-one with my clients helping them to navigate their way through the overwhelm and stress that are often part of their health and wellness journeys. My role is to provide my Clients with non-medical education, guidance, support in managing all aspects of their health and wellness while collaborating with their medical team such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists and dietitians to help create individualized plans for my Clients that may include a variety of healthy living choices including food, exercise and lifestyle changes. I help my Clients develop and utilize skills necessary to live healthier lives with regard to all aspects of their lives that their seeking to improve including, but not limited to, their:

  • Personal Growth;
  • Healthy Relationships;
  • Physical Activity;
  • Fulfilling Careers;
  • Happiness;
  • Overall Health;
  • Home Health;
  • Spirituality;
  • Education/Learning;
  • Rewarding Social Life;
  • Food Choices (Bio-Individuality)
  • Nutrition;
  • Physical Fitness; and
  • Financial Health.

The benefits of Health Coaching are plentiful. They include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Clients have a professional involved who can mentor and support them while remaining impartial.
  • Clients have someone to help them remain focused on what’s truly important to them so they can experience results where they desire them.
  • Clients have a supporter who can help them build trust and confidence in themselves.
  • Clients have someone who truly listens to them… Without judgment.
  • Clients have an advocate who helps them get unstuck and motivated to move forward when they need it the most.
  • Clients have someone to talk to on a regular basis throughout their health and wellness journey.

Health Coaches do not provide medical, dietary or nutritional advice or care. Although the Health Coach can educate you on medical remedies and procedures available and work closely with you, your doctor, dietitian, nutritionist and other professionals involved in your health, your Health Coach’s role is to provide you with support, guidance, coping strategies, life skills and, most importantly, someone for you to reach out to as needed outside of your medical treatment process. Your Health Coach will help you manage your emotions, time and resources before, during and after your health and wellness journey so you can move forward with your life with a positive attitude and effective mindset while maintaining focus on your health and wellness goals.

I firmly believe that one shoe does not fit all. Everyone’s coaching needs differ. For that reason, I’m pleased to offer various Health Coaching Packages to my Clients that range in number of coaching sessions, coaching duration, coaching content and package prices to more closely and personally suit the unique needs of each of my Clients. As such, I offer a Free Initial Consultation during which I am able to ascertain each of my Client’s specific coaching needs which enables me to pair them with the Coaching Package that best meets their needs. Please click here to schedule a Free Health Coaching Initial Consultation.

Get started today for FREE. Click here to schedule a Free Health Coaching Initial Consultation.

Free, No Obligation, Consultation

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