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A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is a professional who has received specific education, training and certification specifically in financial issues of divorce. The role of the CDFA professional is to assist the client and his/her attorney to understand how the financial decisions he or she makes today will impact the client’s financial future based on certain assumptions.

A CDFA can represent one of the spouses or act as a financial neutral working with both parties such as is the case when the CDFA is also the parties’ Divorce Mediator. When working for one party in the litigation arena, the CDFA works with their client and his/her legal team including, but not limited to, his/her matrimonial attorney, mediator, divorce coach, child specialist and/or accountant, providing financial education and support that enables their client and their Attorney, if applicable, to make more informed and factual-based financial decisions for their client.

Working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is advisable and prudent because certification means that the Financial Analyst you’ve chosen to work with has met the minimum educational and experiential requirements of their certifying board to become certified in divorce-related financial matters, they have demonstrated competence and expertise in divorce financial matters and they have demonstrated commitment to the specialty of divorce financial matters through the time, money and resources they’ve invested in furthering their education and qualifications to provide their clients with the utmost in professional divorce financial analyst services.

The benefits of working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst are vast and extremely valuable. They may include but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • A financial analysis conducted early in the divorce process can save a great deal of time and money by educating you and your attorney, if applicable, about your financial picture from the onset of your divorce.
  • A CDFA’s Financial Analysis provides a clear understanding of your current and future financial picture which will enable you and your attorney, if applicable, to make better financial decisions.
  • A CDFA will help you identify, collect and organize the relevant financial information needed for you and your attorney, if applicable to make informed financial decisions that are in your best interest.
  • A CDFA will help you get and stay organized and informed about your current and future financial needs affording you and your attorney, if applicable, the ability to negotiate more effectively.
  • A CDFA can help you develop current detailed household budgets and expected post-divorce budgets to help you avoid post-divorce financial struggles.
  • A CDFA can help you avoid long-term financial pitfalls related to divorce agreements by helping you list, understand and value each of your assets and debts during your divorce.
  • A CDFA can help to minimize your taxes, legal fees, court and other divorce-related fees and expenses.
  • A CDFA will help you avoid potential negative financial consequences through developing an accurate and thorough picture of your family assets, debts, income and expenses including specifics as to any tax benefits and/or liabilities from the onset of your divorce.
  • A CDFA is aware of the various documents your Attorney, Mediator and/or you will need in order to obtain the fairest marital settlement agreement and to substantiate the Marital Standard of Living for Spousal Support and income available for Child Support.
  • Working with a CDFA can significantly reduce the amount of apprehension, misunderstanding, stress, overwhelm, anxiety and fear you experience during your divorce.
As a member of your divorce team, your CDFA will collaborate with you and your divorce team members including, but not limited to, your attorney, mediator, divorce coach, child specialist, accountant and/or other professionals. Throughout the divorce process, the CDFA will provide you and your team with valuable divorce-specific financial education, support and guidance that will likely include a detailed lifestyle analysis, clarification and understanding of assets, tax ramifications or the short-term and long-term impact of various settlement options and/or proposed court orders.
The roles of the CDFA, CFP and CPA are different in nature. The role of a CDFA is skilled at analyzing and providing expertise on the financial issues of divorce. Your CDFA will assist you and your attorney, if applicable, to understand how the financial decisions you make today (during your divorce) will impact your financial future. Conversely, CFPs helps people achieve their financial goals beyond the divorce process. In a divorce, a CPA is hired to calculate the tax effect of dividing property and the effect of spousal and child support for one or two years. They may also be retained to perform an audit of account activity or to perform forensic accounting functions to help find “hidden assets.”
I firmly believe that one shoe does not fit all. Everyone’s divorce finances differ in nature and complexity. For that reason, I’m pleased to offer various CDFA Packages to my Clients that vary in time, services and expense to more closely and personally suit the unique needs of each of my Clients. As such, I offer a Free Initial Consultation during which I am able to ascertain each of my Client’s specific Financial Analyst needs which enables me to pair them with the Package that best meets their needs. Schedule a Free Divorce Financial Analyst Initial Consultation.

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Free, No Obligation, Consultation


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