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A “Certified Divorce Coach” is a professional Coach who has received specific education, training and certification in coaching people affected by divorce at any stage in their divorce (Before, During and/or After). A Certified Divorce Coach works with their clients one-on-one in a confidential setting to help them navigate their way through and beyond their divorce process with education, guidance and support so they can make the best possible decisions for themselves and, if applicable, their children.

Working with a Certified Divorce Coach is advisable and prudent because certification means that the Coach you’ve chosen to work with has met the minimum educational and experiential requirements of their certifying board to become certified in divorce-related coaching, a very specific type of coaching unlike other types of coaching, they have demonstrated competence and expertise in divorce coaching and divorce-coaching related matters and they have demonstrated commitment to the specialty of divorce coaching through the time, money and resources they’ve invested in furthering their divorce education and qualifications to provide their clients with the utmost in professional divorce coaching services.

Clients who work with a Certified Divorce Coach during their divorce benefit greatly from having someone with the knowledge and expertise to help them through all aspects of their divorce journey. A Divorce Coach is someone that bridges the gap between their emotional needs and their legal needs. It is someone that understands and can help their client’s move through their difficult present with a focus on the future they want for themselves and, if applicable, their children. A Divorce Coach is someone who believes in their client and helps them believe in themselves. Divorce can be alienating causing you to feel isolated and alone. Working with a Divorce Coach ensures that you always have a non-judgmental person to turn to. Working with a Divorce Coach means that you are never alone in your divorce journey.

As a Certified Divorce Coach, I work one-on-one with my clients helping them to navigate their way through the overwhelm and stress that are often part of a divorce. My clients receive support from me in managing all aspects of their divorce that don’t require legal advice including working with their legal team in cases that involve such professionals. This includes helping them develop and utilize skills necessary to minimize the stress and conflict associated with their divorce and maximize their ability to achieve their divorce-related goals.

Throughout the coaching process, I help my clients learn and employ valuable skills that include how to effectively:

  • Become and remain resilient;
  • Prepare for the divorce journey that awaits them;
  • Educate themselves about such things as their finances;
  • Advocate for themselves and their children throughout the divorce process and beyond;
  • Identify and communicate their needs, wants and desires in an effective way;
  • Communicate with the other parties involved in their divorce including their spouse, attorney and other professionals;
  • Manage conflict in a positive way;
  • Get and remain organized;
  • Make informed decisions;
  • Identify, clarify and set goals;
  • Prioritize and complete the many tasks related to their divorce within the timelines provided;
  • Employ time management techniques;
  • Identify, seek and secure professional services when deemed necessary;
  • Work with their legal team, if applicable; and
  • Maintain a future focus on what’s important to them, what’s in their best interest and what’s in their children’s best interest.

The benefits of Divorce Coaching are plentiful. They include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Clients have a professional involved who can support them while remaining impartial, unlike an Attorney or family member who by law or nature take the client’s side in all matters.
  • Clients have someone to help them remain focused on what’s truly important to them so they can avoid wasting valuable time, money and energy fighting about things that aren’t important.
  • Clients have a supporter who can help them build trust and confidence in themselves even during the worst of times.
  • Clients have someone who truly listens to them… Without judgment.
  • Clients have an advocate who helps them get unstuck and move forward when they need it the most.
  • Clients have someone to talk to on a regular basis throughout their divorce.

Divorce Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Although there are some areas of overlap with divorce coaching and therapy, they are unique in nature, focus, and outcome and therefore are two very different professions. Some of the critical differences between divorce coaching and therapy are:

  • A Divorce Coach’s focus is on evolving and manifesting their client’s potential whereas a Therapist’s focus is on healing and understanding.
  • A Divorce Coach’s emphasis is on the present and future, whereas a Therapist’s focus is on the past and present.
  • A Divorce Coach is action-oriented, being-oriented and solution-oriented, whereas a Therapist is problem-oriented.
  • A Divorce Coach explores actions and behaviors that manifest high self-esteem, whereas a Therapist explores the genesis of behaviors that create low self-esteem.
  • A Divorce Coach and their client answer the questions “What’s next?” and “What now?” whereas a Therapist and client answer the questions, “Why?” and “From where?”
  • A Divorce Coach works primarily with external issues, whereas a Therapist works primarily with internal issues.
  • A Divorce Coach uses coaching skills, whereas a Therapist uses therapy techniques.

Divorce Coaches do not provide legal advice or representation. Although the Divorce Coach can educate you on the legal procedures and work closely with you, your Attorney and other professionals involved in your divorce process, your Divorce Coach’s role is to provide you with support, guidance, coping strategies, life skills and, most importantly, someone for you to reach out to as needed outside of the legal process. Your Divorce Coach will help you manage your emotions, time and resources before, during and after your divorce journey so you can move forward with your life with a positive attitude and effective mindset while maintaining a future focus.

I firmly believe that one shoe does not fit all. Everyone’s coaching needs differ. For that reason, I’m pleased to offer various Divorce Coaching Packages to my Clients that range in number of coaching sessions, coaching duration, coaching content and package prices to more closely and personally suit the unique needs of each of my Clients. As such, I offer a Free Initial Consultation during which I am able to ascertain each of my Client’s specific coaching needs which enables me to pair them with the Coaching Package that best meets their needs. Please click here to schedule a Free Divorce Coaching Initial Consultation.

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