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Divorce Mediation an alternative means for couples (Married or Unmarried) to resolve their marital/relationship/parenting matters in a confidential, individualized, self-determining and less expensive and time-consuming way in which the parties, not the court, control the decisions that affect their family, their finances, their business and their lives with the assistance of a neutral third party, their Divorce Mediator.
A Divorce Mediator is a professional Mediator who has received specific education, training and certification in mediating agreements between parties that are affected by divorce, separation, co-parenting and relationship-related matters. A Certified Divorce Mediator works with their clients jointly as a neutral third party who doesn’t represent or take either party’s side. The Divorce Mediator acts to encourage and help parties reach mutually acceptable agreements that take into consideration each of their needs, wants and desires as well as the needs, wants and desires of their children, if applicable, with the goal of reaching agreements that are in the best interest of their family.Working with a Certified Divorce Mediator is advisable and prudent because certification means that the Mediator you’ve chosen to work with has met the minimum educational and experiential requirements of their certifying board to become certified in divorce-related mediation, they have demonstrated competence and expertise in divorce mediating and they have demonstrated commitment to the specialty of divorce mediation through the time, money and resources they’ve invested in furthering their education and qualifications to provide their clients with the utmost in professional divorce mediation services.
As a Divorce Mediator I work with couples as a neutral third party to help them reach mutually acceptable agreements in a confidential, individualized, self-determining and less time-consuming and expensive way in which they, not the court, control the decisions that affect their family, their finances, their business and their lives. Unlike an Attorney, I don’t take anyone’s side in the divorce. My role is to help the parties communicate respectfully and effectively with each other to facilitate discussions so they can reach well thought out agreements that are acceptable to each of them. I do this by helping them identify the issues that require resolution, gather necessary information, brainstorm ideas, discuss viable options, reality test potential solutions and ultimately clearly defining their agreements while keeping them focused on the issues at hand throughout the process. The outcome of their work with me is a Mediated Agreement that contains the agreements they reached in the mediation process which they want the overseeing court to approve and incorporate into the court’s decree.
The benefits of Divorce Mediation are plentiful. They include but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Improved and more effective and direct communications between the parties.
  • Both parties are able to voice their options, advocate for their needs and be heard.
  • The parties have the ability to retain control over their divorce matters, outcomes and futures.
  • Parties have a higher chance of reaching a balanced, fair and acceptable agreement in Mediation.
  • Parties are far more likely to respect and honor mediated agreements than Court orders.
  • Mediation agreements are tailored to the specific needs of the parties and their children thereby minimizing future conflict and court involvement.
  • Mediation sessions are private, not public, affording confidentiality.
  • Mediation is a neutral process that encourages working together not against each other.
  • Mediation is less time-consuming than the court process.
  • Mediation session schedules are typically much easier and more flexible than court schedules.
  • Mediation is less expensive than the court process.
  • The parties and their children benefit from learning how to communicate effectively.
  • Mediation is a voluntary process thereby enabling either party to discontinue their participation in the mediation process if they wish to pursue their interests via the court litigation process.
The topics covered in each couple’s Divorce Mediation vary based on each couple’s and family’s specific needs and matters that must be resolved to meet their governing Court’s requirements, however, the topics generally covered include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Child-Related Matters
  • Financial Assets & Debts
  • Personal Property
  • Real Estate
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Retirement & Pension Accounts
  • Business Interests
  • Insurances
  • Taxes
Divorce Mediation is not therapy or counseling. The goal of therapy and counseling is to help parties sort through their problems and, perhaps, reach reconciliation. The goal of divorce mediation is to assist the parties in reaching informed and fair agreements regarding their marital-related issues for the purposes of dissolving their marital relationship to pursue a Legal Separation or Divorce.
Divorce Mediators do not provide legal advice or representation. Although the Divorce Mediator can educate you on the legal procedures, his or her role is to manage the parties’ discussions to assist them in reach agreements regarding their marital-related issues.

I firmly believe that one shoe does not fit all. Everyone’s mediation needs differ. For that reason, I’m pleased to offer various Divorce Mediation Packages to my Clients that range in number of mediation sessions, mediation duration, mediation content and package prices to more closely and personally suit the unique needs of each of my Clients. As such, I offer a Free Initial Consultation during which I am able to ascertain each of my Client’s/Couple’s specific mediation needs which enables me to pair them with the Mediation Package that best meets their needs. Please click here to schedule a Free Divorce Mediation Initial Consultation.
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